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You've played rhythm games, but have you ever played a tonal game?

String's Theory is an innovative new music game based on the science of ear training. As a player, your goal is simple: to find the Major, Minor, or Seventh chord hiding in a set of dissonant notes. Listen your way through more than 40 levels of ear-teasing puzzles, all while improving your ability to hear and understand music. Musicians, gamers and audiophiles alike will want to get their headphones ready.

String's Theory will train your ability to....

* Recognize several types of chords by ear
* Differentiate between pitch and timbre
* Discern how chords are outlined in different musical genres
* Parse out which chords underlay a melody
* Learn the foundations of tonal music, and wield them to your own ends

Open your ears and train your brain to do a whole new kind of comparative reasoning!

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10 CleanWater

This game is great for who wants to train his/her ears.
I, as an instrumental composer, loved this game.

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